Tutor-xqueue – Reason to Setup

We have about 25,000 records that exist in our xqueue.queue_submission database that stopped around year 2019. I only see records with queue_name with ['certificates', 'open-ended']. Certificates I believe that some of the certificates queue_name records existing with the old way of handling PDF certificates and since then we’ve moved on to use the HTML certificates (default by the platform). A lot of these records have a null value for push_time field and some of them have dates for return_time but most of those are null values too.

Do we need to setup Xqueue with Tutor to handle those existing records?

Looking over the readme for GitHub - overhangio/tutor-xqueue: Xqueue plugin for Tutor it appears that we’ve never setup a program or file response problem. Should we want to include those type of problems then we’ll need to setup Xqueue and probably build an interface that calls the Xqueue API to grade the learner.

I was concerned that ora2 would not grade without Xqueue, however, after testing this with tutor (Maple) it appears to grade just fine.

cc @regis, @traek728 @becdavid

Hi @Zachary_Trabookis !!, please let me try to reproduce that behavior and I’ll be glad to share you my results