Unable to Display the image in landing page using tutor-indigo

Hello. I am using tutor version 17.0.0 i want to use slider images in the landing page. Firstly i forked the tutor-indigo, cloned it and set up and its running fine. I am also able to make other changes using cloned tutor- indigo theme. But i am unable to see the images that i am using html img tag. Here is my code for displaying Image
<img src="../static/images/slider1.jpg" alt="logo image"/>

it only shows alternative text. How can i fix it? Please help me. Thank You.

Hi. Is there a particular reason for using relative paths for images? You should be using static URL for the static files (images, js, css) – that is Django’s way of handling it. The fact you are getting alt text is because the template is not able to locate the image file. You should be able to see the URL in Network tab and verify that it is incorrect. See How to manage static files (e.g. images, JavaScript, CSS) | Django documentation | Django and tutor-indigo/tutorindigo/templates/indigo/lms/templates/footer.html at 188cb63edb2766b35a4aa84ea43180e3bcacba3e · overhangio/tutor-indigo · GitHub for examples of using static urls in templates.

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