Unable to pass new parameter while creating the course

I’m trying to submit the course from the form by adding extra input field. which is not going in XHR request.
four values only passing in the ajax call.


can you please help!

Hey @Giridhar_M !

Can you provide more information on what you are trying to do, and what you have changed?

My understanding is that you have already updated the templates inside cms to show another field, right? If that’s the case, you’ll need now to update the JavaScript function that sends the XHR request to the API endpoint to include the new inputs data. You can find it here.

Hi @viadanna thanks for the quick reply!

Like you said i’ve already added the additional parameter in the same place where you have mentioned. But still i can not able to get the data in the “inspect element XHR request”.

The new parameter is department which has been added as new

I’ve shared the screenshots below please check

Screenshot1 : Screenshot by Lightshot
Screenshot2 : Screenshot by Lightshot

check the additional screenshot too as i have added the new line in the beginning of the code in the same file index.js.
Screenshot3 : Screenshot by Lightshot

please guide me on this.

The code looks correct to me. Did you compile the static assets after making the changes?

If running the devstack, you can:

~/devstack$ make dev.static.studio

Otherwise, if a native installation:

/edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform$ paver update_assets

No. I did not compile the static assets.

Since it is native installation I’ve tired to run the 2nd command but it throws a bunch of import errors.

Screenshot - Screenshot by Lightshot

Is it necessary to resolve all those errors or should i install specific version of paver ?