Upgrade to Lilac, Maple, Nutmeg Question about mobile experience

Good Day team!

We are currently on Koa and are planning a path to get up to Nutmeg. We currently host our open edX instance in AWS and do not deploy an IOS or Android version for our release.

I had a question about the release notes for the upgrades. When the release notes talk about the Mobile Experience
Lilac-Release Notes
Maple-Release Notes
Nutmeg-Release Notes

Are they referring to the web based experience on the mobile device (using a browser on IOS or Android)?

Or, are they referring to the mobile install of open edX as an app (IOS or Android)?

We are just trying to understand so that we can line up appropriate resources to validate our upgrade(s).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Justin Jones

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Hi @justin-jones,
As per the text in the release notes, they are about the iOS and Android apps.

Thank you @andres !

The changes called out in the release notes are for the IOS and/or Android Open edX mobile app and are not for browser based experiences on the IOS and/or Android devices.

This is how I was reading the release notes but, wanted to ask so that our team has a path forward on our upgrade and are not overlooking something.

Thanks again!