Using Juniper.1 in production

Hi All we were using the ironwood release for building an LMS for a university. But today found that juniper.1 is the supported version now. So, we have a couple of doubts:

  1. Is it safe to useJuniper.1 in production?
  2. Is there any theme available for Juniper like the ones available in

Thank you,

Hello @sankallada,

From my experience moving from Ironwood to Juniper.
I advise it is better to try it first before migrating, and not rely on that it will work out as you expect it would.
There are many configurations that used to work in Ironwood that are not working for me, like video uploads to AWS S3, OAuth2.
There are cases where they are using code libraries that are different from ones used in Ironwood and the documentation still doesn’t reflect that.