How I can hide page until learner not will pass the final exam

Hi there, I have a page with a materials of all course, but I won’t to show it until learner pass exam or take certificate. After passing exam new page will be available. How I can make it?

Hi Chack!

I had to work on a course with this feature enabled recently, so I can share what I did.

You have to assign a subsection as a prerequisite to another. In this example, subsection 1 is prerequisite for subsection 2. Note that subsection 1 also has a prerequisite, the conditions can build upon each other.

In the Advanced settings of subsection 1 toggle the option to make it a prerequisite :

Then lastly configure subsection 2 : the one that will be revealed when condition is met.

Here is the manual (very thorough) :

Yeap, this is what I needed, thanks a lot!

Hey, I still can access to page without any exams

There must be graded questions in the prerequisite subsection if you want to use a minimal grade as the condition.