Video issues in Open edX player with AWS?

In Open edX Ironwood, when using the video component and an URL coming from AWS, previously in Hawthorn the complete video duration (like 0:00 / 5:59) and the first frame of the video would load in the video player (similar to what YouTube videos do). Since the last update, neither the first frame nor the total duration show up when the page loads and only do so after the user presses Play and rewind completely the video. If the user refreshes the page, the problem still show up until the video is played.

Anybody has experimented that behavior under Ironwood?
Were there some changes made to the video player since the release of Ironwood? I couldn’t find a relevant commit in ironwood.master.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

@cacciaresi sent me the following message in Slack.

I am repeating it here in case some people are not on Slack.

Hi @sambapete, it seems that the JS video module is waiting for an event to be fired to update the length

player[0].addEventListener(eventToBeTriggered, state.videoPlayer.onLoadMetadataHtml5, false);

eventToBeTriggered = ‘loadedmetadata’;

If you setup a breakpoint on that event when loading the page, you will notice that is not being fired.

So, somehow that event is not being fired.

one option was that the preload HTML attribute was not properly defined, but I’ve checked and the value is “metadata” (edited)

I think that the issue is the content.

If for example you use this video:

it will automatically show the duration because the event is fired.

Maybe the video that you are using is somehow in the loading process preventing the event loadedmetadata to be fired. (edited)

Is HLS content? Maybe HLS is not supporting this feature?

We are no looking into this. Thanks again @cacciaresi

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Hi @sambapete did you finally find a solution for this issue? Any updates will be great.


Sorry, nothing yet. I would have posted something if I had found something.

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