Weird behavior when using CCX with Maple

So I have activated the CCX feature on fresh Maple instance. And when creating a CCX from an existant course, enrolled students would be able to see all course outline even before relesing any of the content from CCX. And then when a student would click on any outline section or subsections they would get error 403/404 (which is undertable because they shouldn’t be able to access it) And then they would be able to see the crossponding content if its released.

I have tried to debug this behavior on both the learning MFE with and the legacy learning expirence. Both gave same result.

While investagting the devtools API calls, I saw the client call to /api/course_home/outline/course-id11+22+ccx@4 While returns course outline tab page, would return all blocks, no matter which is released and I guess those blocks will then be translated to headline, so this I guess should confirm that the porbelm isn’t related to neither Leraning MFE or legacy expirence.

Have anyone encountered this behavour, and any way would anyone be able suggest where to look in order to resolve it, is it someting with CCX or course.

Other thing worth noting is that API call to /api/course_home/v1/outline/course-id11+22+ccx@4 or to /api/course_home/v2/outline/course-id11+22+ccx@4 would return the exact same result.

Lastly I am not sure if this is related but might be relavnt, each of the blocks in the api call has these values

                "due": null,
                "effort_activities": null,
                "effort_time": null,
                "has_scheduled_content": null,

Something from my gut feeling is that might have to do with has_scheduled_content or due. I mean I also not expreinced with how CCX is supose to behave, like how CCX inherent the dates stuff form a course?

Thank you for your help :pray:

Okay I think I found a way around this,

  • Before creating a CCX from a course instance make sure all visibility for all sections in outline page in sudio (for the template course) is set to none i.e. only visible to staff
  • Create a CCX instance
  • After creating CCX instance go and change the visiblity for all subections (otherwise CCX coach wont be able to see the content!)
  • Now CCX should be able to scudle content from CCX tab and enrolled student would only be able to see what was released from the CCX tab.

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