A tiny Tutor plugin for auto-mouting virtual environments from the host

For you folks using Tutor as a development environment:

Here’s a small Tutor plugin that I’ve been using to auto-mount my virtual environment folders into service containers based on each folder’s name (example usage here). It’s saved me a lot of typing, since I tend to like to mount a service’s virtual environment whenever I am mounting its source repo.

I plan on proposing this as an upstream feature eventually, but I wanted to share it out first in case anyone finds it helpful in the meantime. Cheers!


I like that! It would totally make sense to include this upstream.

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i THINK that i need this but i’d like to confirm the use case beforehand. i’m setting up a simple dev/test environment that my client wants to use mostly for QA work to verify custom theme modifications, and light testing of a half dozen pretty simple Xblocks and tutor plugins. see screen shot.

I used tutor local quickstart on an AWS EC2 instance to stand up an Open edX installation, and then rebuilt the openedx container after having added the custom theme and Python requirements.

MY OBJECTIVE: i want to be able to edit the custom theme template files, and the Python files in the additional requirements without needing to rebuild the openedx container on each edit. Can i accomplish that with this tiny plugin?

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@lpm0073 , sorry I did not respond to you earlier! I was hoping to make some improvements before confirming that the plugin would work for you… and now, a month later those improvements turned into a completely different plugin: quickdev.

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