ADR for OEP-55: Clarify Maintainer Interaction with Core Contributors

This ADR clarifies the rights and responsibilities of Maintainers with respect to the Core Contributors.

Much of this interaction was previously inferred, but as it was not spelled out, there has been some confusion with respect to how much control Maintainers have over Core Contributors. In short, Maintainers do not control Core Contributors; CCs have passed a nomination process and have gained the support of the community to make good decisions in the repository. However, Maintainers are allowed to know who has CC rights on their repo, communicate repo standards and architectural vision to them, and initiate CC remove procedures if a CC is not following community standards and is unresponsive to feedback.

Relevant parts of OEP-54 Core Contributors & OEP-55 Maintainers are cited within the ADR to make clear that this ADR is not a new idea but rather cements the intentions of the original OEP authors.

Rendered from the build for easier reading: 0005 Managing Core Contributors Of Your Maintained Repository — Open edX Proposals 1.0 documentation

Open for comment through Friday 8 March.