Annoto widget and Open edX?

One of our instructional designers asked us if it would be possible to install the Annoto widget Widget Integration (xBlock) - Setup Guides

Is anybody using it? Can we get your opinion on it?

Is it free? I see references to an LTI Passport with keys provided by Annoto which leads me to believe it ain’t free…

Does anybody know with which version of Open edX is it compatible?

I should also cross-post this in the DevOps section later on.

I believe you need to pay a license to use it.
You can contact who was at the Open edX conference last week. I think he could address your questions.

Thanks @estebanetcheverry
I still wish I would have been able to meet everybody this year in Lisbon. Surely next year.

We missed you!


I will be happy to assist you,
Annoto xBlock is compatible with all the latest versions and can be updated to support any particular version
Annoto is a subscription-based license
Here you can find more information on the Annoto capabilities
If you need any additional support please let me know, you can contact me at this email:

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