Blanket "Triage" access for GitHub contributors

If you collaborate with us on GitHub, you may have encountered points of friction such as:

  • not being able to @-mention someone
  • not being able to assign yourself or others to an issue
  • not being able to change labels on a PR or issue
  • etc.

In order to mitigate those sort of annoyances, going forward, everyone in the openedx GitHub organization will now be granted “Triage” access to every repository through the openedx-triage team. This extends to all Coding Core Contributors and 2U/edX engineers. It also includes many other active contributors from the community, both coding and non-coding roles.

How do I get into the openedx GitHub organization? If you are actively contributing to any aspect of the project and find that having Triage access would make your work easier, reach out to your working group or project lead and have them file an Axim request on your behalf. If you’re working on something solo, feel free to file the request yourself. Please note that higher levels of access (Write, Maintain, and Admin) will continue to be managed through the Core Contributor program.

We hope this helps! :octopus:


@kmccormick This is awesome - thank you! It solves a really annoying recurring pain point in the community. Kudos for making it happen for everyone!

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