Default Coding Core Contributor access groups

Hi all,

This is a proposal that pertains to Coding Core Contributors.

Currently, coding CCs by default get write access to open-edx-proposals as these community members are granted a hand in overseeing and ultimately accepting our foundational community governance documents.

I would like to propose that coding CCs should also get default write access to all Working Group repos. This would enable any CC who’s part of a working group to help manage the operational aspects of the group - managing the Issues (via labels, editing posts, etc) as well as adding any needed automation to Issues (on creation, close, or more) via GitHub Actions.

This proposal will be open until next Wednesday (16 November). Please provide your comments.


@sarina :+1: from me!

Core contributors are the project members that we trust, so personally I would be in favor of granting a very wide access to all the tools and repos to all of us.

:+1: from me as well. I think expanding default access to working group repos makes sense.

:+1: from me as well.

Not being a Coding Core Contributor, I don’t know if I am allowed to vote on the proposal because it wouldn’t affect me or other non Coding Core Contributor. But if I was, this would be a :+1: from me too.

One problem with granting everyone access - as discussed previously - is that we have a limited number of seats in the GitHub organization, and we unfortunately cannot blanket add everyone. But I think this is a good step to help unstick people a bit.

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@sarina Yup, completely, this is a great step - thank you for thinking of it. My remark was only there to show blanket support for anything that goes in that direction :slight_smile:

I agree with this proposal. Since CC’s are already trusted members, they (we) can help manage the operational aspects in all the groups.

Great idea @sarina ! I hope this helps share some administrative burdens too.

Hi all,

Thanks for the votes - this change has been effected. Now, Coding Core Contributors have default write access to OEP + WG repos:

Please let me know if I missed a repo! I added platform-roadmap since that’s the de-facto Product WG repo.