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Hello everyone,

I created a self-paced course. I want my students to receive certificates automatically without clicking on request certificate button. I mean, if they pass the final exam, their certificates will be generated automatically without any request. Is this possible? At the moment students have to request a certificate first, then they can see their certificates.

I tried “early_no_info”, “early_with_info”, “end” on advance settings but those three options didn’t work anyway. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Hello @Hilal_Gungor
As you realized, all the options will require a user to click on the request button before the cert is generated.
The automatic generation you are envisioning will require some custom development, to automate the generation as soon as a particular exam is completed, but in my view it´s probably not worth the effort.
You could instead try to change the label in the button to something else to make it fee as if the certificate was already generated.

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Hi @juancamilom thank you so much for your help:) We’ll try to change the label as you said :slight_smile: