Choosing the right LMS for us


I need help selecting the right LMS for our company.

i have written the main features :

  1. The students must have multi language support for the user interface. At least for all Europe languages.
  2. Can connect to virtual machine on other cloud like aws or google cloud. For example to enable a link to a lab. It has to be real connection and not just as hyperlink, so I can track which student has done the lab (and better to know if he was success). Every student will get different virtual machine and wont affect the other users.
  3. Good security for the content. Keep the content safe
  4. Good support for the student by the platform
  5. the LMS can be configured that every student will have different course path. And he will be able to enroll only to those courses.
  6. Allow to revoke premission to attend the course at a certain period of time. If I would like to sell license with time limit
  7. Allow individual reports for users and for each group separately.
  8. Report bouton that will enable the user to report a mistake or invalid slide. A popup window will enable the user to report a problem and write what is the problem with this content.
  9. “Didn’t understand” bouton will enable the user to ask for help on this specific slide he will write what he didn’t understand and an agent will contact him later to explain.
  10. A forum for students to ask questions and get answers from teachers and students.

any advice will help me to understand the right system for us.

Most of the features mentioned are available in openedx.

If you would like to experience the features quickly, try downloading bitnami-openedx.

If you need any help, let me know.

Chinmay :india: