Coding CC Rights: Feanil Patel

Per the conversation here as well as OEP-54, I’m asking to formalize my involvement in the Open edX community via the Core Contributor program.

Who I am

My name is Feanil Patel (@feanil on GitHub and Slack). I’ve been with the Open edX project since the day after the platform was first open sourced nearly 9 years ago. I’ve worked in various capacities on the project, throughout that time. Currently I work at tCRIL as an engineering architect and am currently focusing on improving the overall information and documentation strategy for Open edX(more on that soon).

My Current Access and Why I Have It

I am currently an org admin for the openedx GitHub organization.

  1. I use these permissions while taking my turn on the tCRIL on-call rotation, where we handle both access concerns and GitHub apps and secrets management.
  2. I’ve use this access to help debug operational issues with various integrations and tools that we use as a part of the CI setup for the Open edX platform.
  3. I’ve recently also used this access as a part of the work to transfer ownership of various Open edX assets from edX@2U to tCRIL.
  4. I plan on using this access in the future to respond to and support security work that we may need to do to help improve the security posture of the platform.
  5. On top of my defined duties, I also use my access to lubricate others getting work done when there is not yet a well defined process to accomplish some task or to help respond to urgent issues.

I also have “write” access to all repos in the organization

  1. I have used these permissions in the past to make global changes around ownership and as a part of leading the work to upgrade the platform to Python 3.
  2. I plan on using this access in the future as a part of work I expect to do in order to help standardize some of our documentation workflows to produce consistent documentation across the open edx platform.
  3. I plan on using this access as a part of work that I take on as a part of the Deprecation Working group which supports removal of code across the platform.

I’d like to retain both of these rights to continue to continue to support the platform.

Comment Period

Will be 2 weeks from today, Fri Feb 25th. That means comments are open through Fri March 11

Thank you for your consideration!



Top post!

(I swear, I only said that b/c I need 20 characters to post here)

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Impressive resume!

It’s so great that we get a vote in this. It’s a nice gesture and great honor to vote yes.

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@feanil The project is lucky to have you working on it! I know you’ll use your power responsibly, and that it will improve the project if you have them. :+1:

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Definitive :+1: for me as well.

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You’re a rockstar @feanil ! :+1: from me (I’d use a big foam hand if I had one.)

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And here’s my once again totally unsurprising + :100:.

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Hi all! I’m pleased to announce @feanil as a member of the Core Contributor program! Thanks for all your hard work and welcome!

As part of this, Feanil’s permissions are publicly visible on the Core Contributors wiki page. For Feanil, other tCRIL members, or any other CC, that page may be used both to view permissions and to bring up any concerns about specific access by individuals.