Coding CC Rights Expansion: Braden MacDonald

Following the procedure outlined in OEP-54 , I nominate to extend @braden’s commit rights to include the openedx-learning repository.


Braden has been a key figure in the Modular Learning initiative and has a deep understanding of both our current system and where we want to go. Being able to merge code into this repo would help advance the learning core and tagging projects.

Prior work

Braden is widely recognized as an expert in the courseware codebase, with literally hundreds of contributions to the platform over the years, often in the trickiest pieces. His most recent work is on implementing the much anticipated Copy & Paste feature in Studio.

Please provide any feedback on this change by 2023-07-27. As it is a limited scope change, it’s a short review period.

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:100: upvotes!

Glad to see Braden with more responsibilities :slight_smile:

:+1: makes complete sense.

An automatic +1.

Yup another vote from me :+1:

Yes, please. :+1:t2:

Makes absolute sense. I vote yes to the extension.

Yes please :+1: !

:+1: Indeed! And it’s a great occasion to thank you @braden for all the superb contributions you are doing to the project. Kudos! :clap:

(And to you too @dave – the learning core we are discussing here is a great initiative.)

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Of course :+1:

Another :+1: here for Braden : )

Yes from me :+1:

Comment period is now closed. I have expanded @braden’s access rights to include openedx-learning. Thanks folks!

Thanks @dave and everyone :slight_smile: