Coding CC Rights Expansion: Piotr Surowiec

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Following the suggestion from Sarina and the path outlined in OEP-54, I’d like to nominate myself for commit rights to the following XBlock repositories:


I currently have CC commit rights to edx-platform and xblock-lti-consumer repositories.
Repositories listed above were moved from the edx-solutions organization, where I had merge permissions for them, so I still have this access as a member of the legacy Contributors group. However, I would like to formalize it by following the official CC process.

I have participated in the following PRs related to these repositories.

Please provide review comments by April 12th.
Thank you!


Piotr has been a great and responsible CC and I’ve worked with him on edx-platform and xblock-lti-consumer repositories. From my existing experience and witnessing his caliber, conduct, & commitment, I support Piotr for rights on these new repos.

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Based on @Agrendalath 's historical knowledge of these repos and other work of theirs that I’ve seen over the years, I support the expanded rights for Piotr.


@Agrendalath Thanks for doing this proactively. It’s true that we need to get a better coverage of core contributors on the official repos, imho it would be good for more core contributors to ask for extensions of their rights like you did here.

As for the request itself, these are all XBlocks that OpenCraft contributed on behalf of clients, and I know that you will take great care of them @Agrendalath – actually, the repos and the other contributors are lucky to have you involved with them. :+1:

Here’s my official :+1: for @Agrendalath’s rights expansion. We were colleagues for a couple of years and I have nothing but praise for his abilities in general, and also in particular with respect to these repos.

:+1: from me as well.

Thank you, everyone, for the votes! It was pleasant to read this thread :smiley:

Sarina has already wrapped it up in this GH ticket (thanks for handling it).