Contribution for Razorpay code

Hi All,
I wanted to contribute Razorpay code for this community there are Hundreds of People who wanted to start their own Edtech in India. They need to Integrate Razorpay, but maximum people are not that much technical, so they choose other solution for their Startup. I wanted to contribute Razorpay code which will help startups in India to use this. I wanted to collaborate with other who can further contribute and Make it Opensource.

Since I have seen here Opencraft and Edunext and the Major Players who are actively contributing into the community many other are also who are contributing I don’t want to offend anyone, so I am requesting these guys please take this code and all the credit goes to you make it opensource.

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Hi @Parvin_Kumar - have you already written the code? Or is this just an idea?

Hi Sarina,
I have the whole code. It is working with Nutmeg.

Cool! I was asking to clarify; I don’t actually know anything about payments. Is the code something you could make a pull request for into an existing repo, or is it a new, stand alone repo? (see I don’t know anything here :sweat_smile: )

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Hi All,
Thank you all I found someone with this task @chintan he will do that. Thank alot all of you guys for your precious time and support.

Hi @chintan you are a gold heart person thank you very much once I asked him for his help for Indian Startup Ecosystem he said Yes upfront and I already mentioned to him that I am not able to pay him for his contribution. He said he will not charge a single penny if his work help Indian Edtech Startup Community.
Thank you for being a pillar for our Edtech Ecosystem more and more people will adapt Edx with His contributions.

Heartly Thanks to Chintan once again for your support. My only one humble request Chintan please create a tutorials also who guide people how they can implement this thing in their production env.

Parvin Kumar

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Hey @Parvin_Kumar

Sorry to put it out like this over here, I just asked for more details and mentioned that I’d be interested to.

I’ll take a look if I can help, but haven’t agreed to do anything.

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Razorpay is a really awesome addition

@cbrash @pshiu FYI, when commerce coordinator is done this would be a valuable collaboration.

Hi @chintan ,
Its my mistake but please I am requesting you please consider it and help us out. I will support all in my capacity and all credit will be goes to you.