Core Contributor Nomination: Diana Olarte

Hello everyone,

Following up with the call for mainteiners, in this post I’d like to nominate Diana Olarte (@dcoa) as an Open edX Core Contributor and maintainer. Diana has contributed code to the frontend of the project, more specifically frontend-platform, paragon and most frontend-apps.

About @dcoa
Diana has been contributing to the Open edX project since 2022 you can find their contributions here
You can also find her in discuss regularly.

Major highlights include
Adding the MFE Config API changes on frontend-platform.
Adding configuration runtime in all the frontend apps.
Adding features and testing as a collaboration for the PR#440 for MFE theming.
Discuss posts explaining MFE theming for newcommers

Access Sought
I’m nominating Diana so that she can become a maintainer of frontend-build, which is currently looking for one. This would first make her a core code contributor and then maintainer. So far she has not contributed code to this particular repo, but I hope the demonstrable knowledge she has on the MFEs and frontend-platform will vouch for her capacity to contribute here.

Diana has a commitment from her employer to contribute 20/month towards core contributor work.

Comment Period
For this nomination to pass, Diana needs 5 positive votes and no unaddressed objections in the next 3 weeks so the end of the period would be April 4.


:100: :+1: from me! Diana has made significant contributions related to MFEs and frontend-platform, and it’s always a pleasure to work with her.

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:+1: for @dcoa as core contributor to frontend. I haven’t worked directly with her before, but her PRs and forum posts demonstrate the 3 C’s. :smile:

I have no objections on this point either. But I’m not as familiar with the frontend repos, so would feel more comfortable if some frontend CCs weighed in here.

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As current de facto maintainer of frontend-build, I wholeheartedly support this nomination. Could use the help! Thanks @dcoa!


:100: :+1: from me!

:+1: from me as well.

:+1: Wholehearted endorsement! Diana did great, thoughtful work with the MFE config API.

It’s a :+1: from me!

Final tally: with 5 CC and 7 total votes on favor and none against the nomination is accepted. Congratulations @dcoa.
I’ll follow up with an axim engineering ticket. [GH Request] Onboard Dcoa · Issue #1110 · openedx/axim-engineering · GitHub