Core Contributor Nomination: María Fernanda Magallanes

I am writing to nominate María Fernanda Magallanes (@mafermazu) as an Open edX Core Contributor. María has already contributed code to the edx-platform and has exemplified the “3 Cs”.

About María

María has been contributing to the Open edX project since 2021 you can find their contributions here.

Major highlights include

  • Adding the MFE Config API, a PR that took over 3 months of discussion and iteration to land.
  • Adding/Updating rest APIs to enable commerce integration with the WooCommerce platform.

Access Sought

I’d like to get access for María to

  • edx-platform
  • The new woo commerce plugin repo when that is transferred to the openedx organization.

Conduct and Caliber

María has been amazing to work with, she is a great communicator(example) and has shown both patience and flexibility when receiving feedback on work she has done.


María has a commitment from her employer to contribute 20h/month towards core contributor work.

Comment Period

For this nomination to pass, María needs 5 positive votes and no unaddressed objections by October 30. This is a little over two weeks from this posting.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mafer on our developer tools and fully agree that she deserves to be a Core Contributor. She’s experienced with the project and is an extremely enthusiastic about collaborating with the community!

Along with the highlights Feanil listed, she contributed the Tutor patch listing tool and is a maintainer of edunext’s tutor version manager tool, which she presented on at the 2023 conference!

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A hearty :+1:! I was there for the MFE Config API push, and cannot think of anybody better to handle the responsibility.

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I’ve been working with Mafer for some time now, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the quality of her work. It’d be a pleasure to work with her as a CC! It’s a yes from me :wink:

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I have worked with @mafermazu in many projects, most recently in the Woocommerce plugin and I agree that her communications skills on top of the conduct, caliper and commitment make her a great candidate for Core contributor. I wholeheartedly support this nomination with a yes vote.

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Definitely +1 too! We haven’t worked directly together much, but @mafermazu has contributed a lot of great work, both on the code and in all the interactions I’ve seen.

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:100: Yes! @mafermazu is a pleasure to work with, and she will be a superb core contributor.

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Definitely a yes from me :+1:

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Aww, a thousand thanks! You have no idea how beautiful it is to read all the support and the trust you have in me. Once again, a thousand thanks. :heart:

I’m very excited to support @mafermazu’s nomination!!! Congrats Mafer!

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