Core Contributor nomination: Pooja Kulkarni

I’m pleased to nominate my colleague Pooja Kulkarni @pkulkark to be a core committer to the edx-platform and completion repos.

Pooja has been contributing to Open edX on OpenCraft’s behalf for almost 4 years – her first OSPR was one of the first merged to blockstore in Nov 2018. Among her OSPRs are changes which:

Her insight and experience operating, repairing, and extending Open edX will benefit new and existing contributors. Her communications on OSPRs and Slack are always kind, considerate, and thorough. One example is the completion feature linked above, where she reached out to edX team members outlining her proposal, discussing the approach, and reaching consensus before proceeding with the changes.

As a member of OpenCraft, her contribution commitment would be 20h / month as per our organizational agreement.

Thank you for your consideration!

Comment Period Ends: 2022-06-01


I have not worked with @pkulkark personally yet but looking at the evidence provide, it’s clear that they would be a great addition to the core contributors group.

:+1: from me.

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I was a reviewer for a few of the PRs listed above. @pkulkark has been great to work with. I vote yes.

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I don’t work on these repositories anymore, but I know from experience how seriously @pkulkark takes doing good work, and how skilled she is with executing it. @pkulkark would make a great core contributor!

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Worked with @pkulkark for over two years, and can say with confidence that she’ll be a great addition as core contributor to those repos. They couldn’t be in safer hands!


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I have worked with @pkulkark for a long time starting with work on anonymous / public access to coursware, and ahve worked a lot on completion via OpenCraft’s completion aggregator plugon. I think she would be a great addition as core contributors to both those repos.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with @pkulkark on several projects, and I think she would make a strong addition to the Program :slight_smile:


:+1: from me as well!

I’ve seen @pkulkark’s work over the years and I think she will be a great addition to the CC program.

Yay! Thank you everyone for chiming in here. It’s the end of the comment period, and we have enough yays and no nays, so let me be the first to say: Welcome to the core contributor program @pkulkark !

@sarina What are the next steps here? Do you need us to do anything?

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Thank you so much for the nomination @jill and for all the votes of confidence from you wonderful folks! I’m humbled and super excited to be part of the Core Contributor program.


Yes! Pooja should begin following the instructions in

Hmm. Where should we put this information to be more visible? We have a bunch of useful runbooks at

Now that you point them out, I should have known I could check Confluence! They are quite visible. Sorry, this is my first time through…

Oh no don’t apologize. I am genuinely curious if there’s a good place to have put a link to those. :think: would it make sense to link in the OEP? Would you have looked there?

Yep! I looked in the OEP for this procedure, so would be good if it pointed to the wiki for next steps.