Core Contributor Nomination: John Swope

As per the New Core Contributor Nomination Process, I would like to nominate @john_curricume to be a core committer to these repos:

The openedx-demo-course repo also needs a maintainer, and since John is currently rebuilding our old faithful DemoX course, he has graciously offered to maintain this repository.

Conduct and Caliber

John is already an active member of the Open edX community, and has been developing courses for Open edX for 10+ years.

His contributions to Open edX include:


John contributes 10 hours / month to Open edX.

Comment period ends: 9 November 2023

Thank you for your consideration!


+1! @john_curricume is a long-time member of the community, and always a pleasure to interact with. I can’t wait to see the great work he will do on the demo course and the documentation :slight_smile:

+1 Easy vote for me too.


It’s been a pleasure working with John on the new DemoX course, I can’t wait for y’all to see it!

:100: from me on all of the above! :open_book: :partying_face:

+1! keep the great contribution up, John! :call_me_hand:

+1 on my side too.

I had a peek at John’s work on the Demo course, and was pretty impressed! An easy +1!

Showing up late, but I still wanted to leave my yes vote as I’ve known John for a long time in this community and has always been great to work with him. Contributing to documentation and the demo course seem like the perfect place where his work will help this community shine.

We’ll be making a temporary repository, openedx-demo-course-new, to start loading in and playing around with the new DemoX course content. John will get write permissions to this repo, which will become the openedx-demo-course once we’re all set. I think this is in the spirit of the original nomination but posting this for transparency’s sake.


@jill sorry I didn’t catch this earlier, but I think John should also be a CC to the old GitHub - openedx/edx-documentation repository. We’re trying to migrate docs out of there into and it would be useful for him to help with that migration.

cc @feanil do you agree?

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:100: – I’ve added that to the original post. I don’t think this will be controversial :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for supporting @john_curricume 's nomination! John, please see your CC onboarding steps, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns?

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@john_curricume I made a ticket here and invited you to the CC course, can you please comment with your Github username? [GH Request] Onboard John Swope · Issue #971 · openedx/axim-engineering · GitHub

Agreed, I think it’s great for him to get CC access to edx-documentation as well.