Core Contributor Nomination - Salman Nawaz

I’d like to nominate @Salman_Nawaz to the core contributor program with write access to the following repos to start:

  • edx-platform
  • .github
  • repo-tools

@Salman_Nawaz has been working as a part of the Aximprovements team to suport maintenance, deprecation and incremental improvements across multiple axim maintained repos as well as edx-platform.

You can see their contributions here: Pull request search results · GitHub

Salman has been doing some amazing deprecation work including being the lead on getting rid of the BokChoy framework fully from the openedx org. Something we had wanted to do for many years but could not focus on getting all the final tendrils out. More recently he has been working on improvements to various repo-tools scripts including updates to the tag_release script used by BTR to cut the named releases.

Salman will be working 40hrs/week on the Open edX project.

The comment period is open from 2024-05-17T04:00:00Z2024-05-31T04:00:00Z


+1 from my side.

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+1 from my side. :raised_hands: :+1: :raised_hands:

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More than happy for @Salman Keep it up :star2:

:+1: from me – thank you @Salman_Nawaz for helping with deprecation and repo maintenance!

… thanks especially for this! :rocket:

+1, Salman’s been doing great work.

As with the other Aximprovements nominations the commitment is clear and @Salman_Nawaz work already shows caliper and conduct. This is a yes vote from me.

Impressive history of helpful merged PRs!

:+1: from me!

+1 from me

+1 from me as well

With sufficient votes for and no votes against, Salman’s nomination is accetped. I’ll begin his on-boarding process.