Core Contributor Nomination: Viktor Rusakov

Following the process noted in OEP-54, I’d like to nominate @viktor.rusakov as a new core contributor with coding rights to frontend-related repositories (notably, the frontend-all team), as described and justified below.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Viktor since July 2021 through a Blended Development project (BD-46) to provide more dedicated engineering resources than we’ve had in the past towards the Paragon design system and React UI component library, which is a core component of the Open edX platform (consumed by 37 projects).

Viktor is an engineer from Raccoon Gang, and has been instrumental in developing new UI components, making updates to existing components, resolving bugs, tackling tech debt, and helping to drive longer-term frontend initiatives (e.g., migrating towards CSS variables and design tokens, adopting TypeScript). He also acts a lead for 1-2 other engineers from Raccoon Gang who themselves also help provide engineering resources towards Paragon, assisting in reviewing their code.

By granting Viktor with coding/merge rights to frontend repos, he will be able to self-serve merge PRs where currently his (and the other engineers from Raccoon Gang) PRs are often blocked on review/merge by myself, given that my time is primarily focused on supporting the edX for Business product lines (my role as Tech Lead of Paragon is largely a side hustle). Thus, granting coding rights to Viktor will accelerate development work towards Paragon and how it gets used throughout the Open edX platform.

Prior Work

As mentioned earlier, Viktor has been involved with Paragon beginning around July 2021. Since then, he has:

  • Merged nearly 50 PRs in the Paragon repo.
  • Provided support and feedback on related work and PRs from other Raccoon Gang engineers.
  • Regularly attends the Paragon Working Group meeting to keep in tune with Paragon’s stakeholders and decision making.
  • Added foundational support for TypeScript in Paragon and @edx/frontend-build.
  • Critical in helping to drive the ongoing design tokens project.
  • Helps with general project management and maintenance of the Paragon Working Group project board.

Outside of Paragon development through BD-46, Viktor also worked on another blended development project (BD-26), where he and his team helped build and contribute to frontend-lib-special-exams, a library for proctored exams in frontend-app-learning.

See all of Viktor’s PRs here.

Access Sought

As Paragon is consumed by the majority of all frontend repos (3, Viktor will require coding rights to the frontend repos (likely via the frontend-all GitHub team). Granting Viktor with coding rights in these repos will accelerate ongoing Paragon work moving forward by affording him to self-serve merge PRs upstream from the Raccoon Gang engineer’s forks of repos.

Further, as we continue to make progress on the Paragon design tokens initiative to enable support for runtime theming via CSS variables, having coding rights to micro-frontends (i.e., MFEs) will be critical to enable the Raccoon Gang engineers to support owning teams of MFEs and Paragon theme authors in migrating towards CSS variables and design tokens.


Viktor has agreed to devoting at least 20 hours per month towards his core contributor role.

Comment Period

For this nomination to pass, Viktor needs at least 5 positive votes and no un-addressed objections by March 31, 2023, two weeks from this posting.


I’m in support of this nomination for Viktor. It is clear that Viktor has made some substantial contributions to Paragon and continues to offer his support. I have had the pleasure of working with Viktor directly on a PR and immediately felt a positive impact from his feedback. It is very exciting to see the developments Viktor and his team have made with the design tokens project as well. :+1: from me!


I also support this nomination. :wink:


I definitely support the nomination. Viktor did a great job on the Paragon project and can greatly contribute to the frontend WG :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Given the request is for access to frontend-all, I found it useful to review Viktor’s PRs in repos other than paragon.

It looks like Viktor has not contributed to a lot of the repos being requested, however, he clearly knows his way around and the contributions so far show a high level of knowledge and thoughtfulness.

This is a :+1: from me.


I think that the 5 votes are already there but I wanted to say that the work on paragon was very positive and that I support the nomination as well.


I’d say Viktor has earned CC status based on the fix: commits alone, but his contributions go far beyond that.

I wholeheartedly support the nomination! :+1:


The comment period for Viktor’s Core Contributor nomination is now over. I’m pleased to share Viktor received at least 5 positive votes and no objections during the comment period. Thanks everyone!


Hey! Thank you everyone for the support (especially those who haven’t even met me yet :slightly_smiling_face: ), I really do appreciate it! I’m excited that I will be able to contribute even more now