Core Contributor Rights Expansion: Felipe Montoya

Hello Everyone,

In this post I’d like to nominate myself to extend my core contributor rights to include the openedx/openedx-wordpress-ecommerce repository.


After I nominated Maria Fernanda for the mainteiner position we noticed that without more core contributors in that repo there would not be many reviewers to give a green check on the PR reviews.

Prior work

I have been very involved in the Woocommerce Adaptor project since it’s conception. I helped write the discovery document and have made at least one PR that landed in master in that repository. As for my experience writing wordpress plugins, I was an important contributor to the first wordpress plugin that edunext maintained for years prior to this evolving into the new openedx-wordpress-ecommerce plugin.


Please provide any feedback on this change by 2024-03-18.
Per the rules in oep-54 I think this qualifies for the short review period so I am please asking you to comment in the next week.


:+1: sounds good!

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Absolutely :+1:

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:+1: , no question about it!

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@Felipe Thanks for everything you are doing for the project, and for leading by example! Definitely a big :+1:

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:+1: Important work. Thanks for taking this on.

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No objections. On the contrary! :+1:

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Big :+1:! Thank you for all the effort :dizzy:

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:+1: For sure!

No doubt! +1

Thanks a lot for your support! The comment period is up. There were 9 yes votes and no objections so the expansion is accepted.

I’ll open a ticket to proceed with the write permissions