Core Contributor Sprint Retro: 2023-05-27 - 2023-06-10

You can find the full report in Listaflow:

A total of 312 hours were reported this sprint!

Do you need any help? Or is there anything you鈥檇 like to collaborate on? User
Not just yet, but I will be asking for reviews of the WIP UX work for Content Tagging over the coming months. Ali Hugo
Working on Intro to Dev course. Currently could use help building and reviewing dev env section (both Tutor and Devstack). Reach out to me if interested. Sarina Canelake
We need volunteers to take on action items from the Conference Town Hall: Community Town Hall: What Are Our Action Items? Xavier Antoviaque
Needs review: Needs review: I鈥檓 looking for some description or documentation of the video social share feature. I鈥檓 looking for some description or documentation of the Notifications sidebar (see Peter Pinch
Retrospective - Improvements and Blockers User
- We need to stop linking PR descriptions to tickets that aren鈥檛 public.
- Many, if not all, MFE settings do not have annotations.
Peter Pinch
What went well this sprint? User
Good sprint, with good problem-solving! Xavier Antoviaque
We seem to have come up with an effective format for the UX/UI Working Group meetings. Ali Hugo
Although I had left a lot of the release notes writing for the last minute, it went pretty quickly. Peter Pinch
Getting into the nitty detials of tutor hooks, I have had some ups and downs, but ultimately I was able to better understand it鈥檚 eco-system while building a spesfic service.
Ghassan Maslamani
lots of coordination with other community members ahead of the emoocs participation. Juan Montoya
What did you accomplish this sprint? User
Palm Release notes PR : Palm Release Notes by pdpinch 路 Pull Request #321 路 openedx/ 路 GitHub
upstream a bug fix PR for Communications MFE: fix: Disable URL rewriting when creating links by pdpinch 路 Pull Request #134 路 openedx/frontend-app-communications 路 GitHub Peter Pinch
Engaged in the meetings of the MWG and CWG, Coordinated alongside Abstract and Raccoongang the participation en the emoocs 2023 conference, Prepared part of the workshop about Open edX to be given at emoocs, Prepared a short talk about open edX for the emoocs business track Juan Montoya
Attended working group meetup for Build-Test-Release Working Group (May 29), Attended working group meetup for Developer Experience Working Group (June 5), Translated and revised some strings for fr_CA in Transifex, Tested Google Analytics 4 in Tutor Olive.4, Tested without much success migrating from Tutor Olive to Tutor Palm., Browsed through Slack and Discourse. Pierre Mailhot
Ran the rest of the UX/UI Working Group through the wireframes for the Content Tagging project. Got a lot of helpful feedback and suggestions, Attended the 鈥淪crum of Scrums鈥 meetup and got a better idea of the product-related projects that are going on in the community Ali Hugo
Town hall - Review notes for action items Community Town Hall: What Are Our Action Items? TOC - Discussions about the sandboxes instances, Upstreaming course - Review contribution & merge PR Community-maintained onboarding courses 路 Issue #11 路 openedx/wg-coordination 路 GitHub , Core sprints - Post recap & answers to questions Contributor's Meetup 2023-01-24 路 Issue #85 路 openedx/wg-coordination 路 GitHub Xavier Antoviaque
I was still working on cloudflared tutor plugins realted again to this roadmap Open edX Light/Express (minimalist version of Open edX) 路 Issue #169 路 openedx/platform-roadmap 路 GitHub please see last comment for releative info. (I definilty spent more hours on this in this sprint, but I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 important to be precivse given I working a featuer that might not be widely used, or has the intreset of commutiy). Keep following PRs issues from the previous sprint. Ghassan Maslamani
Getting the Communications, ORA Grading, and Learner Dashboard MFEs working with Palm, Frontend working group coordination Adolfo R. Brandes
Reviewed several OARS PRs, Read and discussed implications of merging OARS with Cairn Jill Vogel
Participated in the workgroup meeting, helped around the OpenSearch setup config. G谩bor
What do you plan to work on in the upcoming sprint?
Keep working on cloudflared tutor plugin, Attend/prepare for next TGW, I thin it fails in next sprint. Ghassan Maslamani
OEP for escalation process to TOC - Follow-up, TOC Meeting - Follow-up summaries & topics, Upstreaming course - Test recording & write instructions Xavier Antoviaque
Finishing the updates to the Content Tagging wireframes based on the feedback I received in the UX/UI meeting, Planning and attending the next UX/UI meeting Ali Hugo
On vacation from June 16th to July 3rd. I might not have much to report in the next two sprints as my vacation overlap a week of each sprint. Pierre Mailhot
Merge the release notes, any additional testing of the Palm release Peter Pinch
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Thanks @Dean !

@sarina We have some new developers starting in the team - so maybe we could get one or two of them to try your course? @arunmozhi what do you think?

This was brought up during the contributor meetup yesterday, and some of us will have a look and comment :slight_smile: CC @Felipe

@pdpinch I don鈥檛 know, but I see some related PRs from 2U/edX at Pull requests 路 openedx/edx-platform 路 GitHub@Kelly_Buchanan would you know who could help to provide documentation about the feature?

@pdpinch I don鈥檛 know either :slight_smile: but I see some notifications-related PRs from 2U via Arbisoft at Pull requests 路 openedx/edx-platform 路 GitHub I think? @Zia.Fazal @Zia_Fazal would you know who could help to provide documentation about the feature?

@pdpinch This came up in the past, though more for commit descriptions 鈥 the outcome of the discussion back then was this change: E0d/proposed footer changes by e0d 路 Pull Request #348 路 openedx/open-edx-proposals 路 GitHub 鈥 the linking is allowed in commits (and by extension in PR descriptions?), but it shouldn鈥檛 be an optional footnote, not something part of the title or necessary to understand the ticket.

Do you have some examples that don鈥檛 follow this guideline? We could reach out to their authors to remind them of the rule on their PRs? Happy to help with this.

@pdpinch Do we have a rule/decision somewhere about this? I remember discussions about this in the past, though not sure if we ended up taking a proper decision on it? If so, we could do something similar 鈥 if not, we could establish a rule?

Looks like these have been reviewed and merged in the meantime :slight_smile: :+1:

And an additional topic that came up during the contributor meetup yesterday 鈥 there is now a disconnect between the dates of the core contributor sprints, which come up every two weeks, and the contributor meetup which happens twice a month. It is ok most of the time, but since a month is slightly more than 4 weeks, it ended up drifting. So we discussed adjusting the dates for the contributors meetups to follow the same dates as the core contributors sprint, ie every two weeks. I have made the change on the calendar 鈥 if you spot any issue with it let me know. CC @jalondonot

I would assume the Product WG folks have had conversations about this already?

This would be good. I鈥檇 especially like help building the Tutor section in Module 2. The Devstack section is written and under review. I鈥檝e asked Farhaan to review Module 1 (Arch Overview) but new eyes on that would also be welcome. (by the way it might make sense for you to give all names to Legal under the entity agreement so anyone can jump in to review/produce content)

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@pdpinch I don鈥檛 know either :slight_smile: but I see some notifications-related PRs from 2U via Arbisoft at Pull requests 路 openedx/edx-platform 路 GitHub I think? @Zia.Fazal @Zia_Fazal would you know who could help to provide documentation about the feature?

@pdpinch @Dean I have responded on the github issue.

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On the roadmap I see:

Though this seem to be from before it was implemented.

@ProductRyan Would you be able to answer @pdpinch 's question on this?

@antoviaque Yes. We could definitely use it for people who are starting with us.

@sarina Let me know where I can find the course. I will be happy to review it myself and assign it to others as well :slight_smile:

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Contributors meetup Async Update

May 31st, 2023 - June 23rd, 2023

Welcome to our Core Contributors async update!

1. Working Groups Updates

Working Groups Calendar :calendar:

BTR Working Group

Data Working Group

  • Chair: @jill & @BrianMesick
  • Headlines:
    • They鈥檙e working on consolidating Cairn and OARS functionality, and renaming the combined project (name tbd).
    • The ability to replay large amounts of old tracking logs into xAPI is in. The enrollment reports are coming, probably this week.
    • They are close to our extensibility goals, which will allow site operators to do everything from add new data points to custom dashboards and charts.
    • Promising investigative work has been done on getting data / reports / charts to display in the LMS.
  • Meeting notes:
  • Blockers or Calls/offers for help:
    • 鈥淲e could use some help from the translations WG to assess the state of translations in Superset (which we use for OARS data visualization). I suspect it鈥檚 not great and we may want to contribute translations upstream to them if we can.鈥

DEPR Working Group

DevEx Working Group

DevOps Working Group

Educators Working Group

  • Chair: @john_curricume
  • Headlines:
    • Educators Working Group
    • They are continuing to host monthly educator-centered knowledge-sharing sessions. On Monday, ASU will be presenting on 鈥淣on-Linear Learning using Open EdX: Resource Hubs鈥. Next month will be a panel discussion on the implications of AI and LLMs on MOOCs.We are also gearing up a team to work on documentation on
    • Working on the best system to have non-technical folks contribute to documentation using Google Sheets that can then be migrated to RST and Github.
  • Meeting notes:
  • Blockers or Calls/offers for help:
    • Looking for any and all documentors!

Frontend Working Group

Large Instances Working Group

  • Chair: Braden MacDonald & Felipe Montoya
  • Headlines:
    • They are continuing to develop the Harmony Helm charts and get closer to a releasable version. 鈥淭hanks to everyone who has been working on PRs!鈥
      • Releasing the chart - Jhony Avella created a new PR that鈥檚 from the same repo rather than a fork, and now it seems to be working. You can now use Helm to install it directly for testing.
      • OpenSearch cluster - Maksim Sokolskiy has resolved all the comments. Mostly been testing on minikube so would appreciate if someone can test on EKS. Found a new issue with the 鈥渞eindex_course鈥 command that affects both OpenSearch and ElasticSearch. PR is ready for second round of review.
  • Meeting notes:
  • Blockers or Calls/offers for help:

Marketing Working Group


Product Working Group

  • Headlines:
    • Feedback on proposal to reorganize the Working Group.
    • Writing community guidelines for building features:
      • Some guidelines are now proposed for how to handle pull requests and how to propose making a feature (making a roadmap ticket, etc). This needs to be documented somewhere. Who can take this task?
        1. Wiki documentation of PR review process [Ryan/Jenna/Shelly]
        2. Documentation of doing product discovery/feature definition in the open and how to submit [Santiago]
        3. Once it鈥檚 in wiki, translate to docs.openedx.oeg [Sarina]
  • Meeting notes:
  • Blockers or Calls/offers for help:

Security Working Group


Translation Working Group

  • Chair: Eden Huthmacher
  • Headlines:
    • They are adding 2 new languages, Danish and Indonesian
  • Meeting notes:
  • Blockers or Calls/offers for help:

2. Events

3. Projects

Would anyone like to highlight any new or ongoing projects?

4. Next async update and meetup

  • Friday June 23 - Update async!
  • Tuesday July 11 - Join the meetup here!
  • Details and draft agenda on the GitHub board

Please reply to this post with any questions or comments you may have!

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Thank you @Natalia_Choconta for compiling these updates and keeping us all informed of what鈥檚 going on with all the working groups :smile:

I noticed we had a lot of new people joining the cc program this month鈥 so great! Would this meet-up and update be a good place to highlight and welcome new members?

Shout outs and warm welcomes to:


Thanks @jill and looking forward to work with awesome community.

+1! :+1:

Btw @Natalia_Choconta I鈥檝e moved the update in this thread from @Dean, since he had posted it before you this time. Next time we should be back in sync with the core contributors sprint every 4 weeks, as the next contributors meetup will be on July 11th. Does that work for you for the next working groups update?

Thank u @antoviaque. It works perfect for the next update! With @jalondonot we adjusted the update dates and they are synchronized with the Sprint retro.

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