Core Contributor Sprint Retro - April 29th - May 13th

Here is the retrospective for the most recent Core Contributor (CC) sprint:

Calls/offers for help

This is what the core team needs help on now. Note that anyone can help – you don’t need to be a Core Contributor (yet!) for that:

Is there anything where you could use help from others? Or that you would like to collaborate on?
We need proofreaders and writers for the upstreaming onboarding course — we are doing a remote sprint on Friday, May 20th: Open Source Masterclass Remote Sprint - Spring 2022 (#114) · Issues · mooc-floss / Open Source Masterclass · GitLab @antoviaque
Can someone close TC_AUTHOR_76 > Studio > Xblock > edx_sga > Xblock is not appearing under advance xblock list · Issue #172 · openedx/build-test-release-wg · GitHub ? @pdpinch
We have gained a lot of experience setting up the K8s infrastructure. Although not yet in production. Yet help with the migration and issues that may arise will be appreciated. @andres
I’d like to get something started with the ops team at opencraft and Lawrence to follow up on the contributing effort of the k8s hosting situation. @Felipe
The learning MFE has a LOT of conditional views that use SCSS variables and it’s hard to always know how to configure a course properly so those can be seen. It would be nice to have a demo course configuration, or a guide to getting everything enabled. @xitij2000

Improvements & blockers

What is blocking the team currently, as well as suggestions of improvements:

What should we improve? Any blockers?
Time!! Workforce!! @andres
Still waiting on some plugins for nutmeg (ecommerce in particular). @sambapete
There are still many Tutor plugins that need a Maintainer (highlighted in bold below):COOKIECUTTER, ANDROID, DISCOVERY, ECOMMERCE, FORUM, INDIGO 1, MFE, MINIO, NOTES, WEBUI, XQUEUE. Plus a number of these also need to be upgraded to Nutmeg, see this post to learn more: Open edX Contributors Meetup - #93 by jalondonot @Dean
There were changes to openedx/configuraiton that broke regular branch builds, I needed this to showcase some demos but hopefully this will be fixed soon. @xitij2000

What went well?

What went well these last two weeks / sprint?
Caught up with the backlog generated by the conference! Good discussions and outcome on OEP-55 / maintainers. Next step planned for collaborating on theming between Stefania’s team and OpenCraft, for a good new default theme for Open edX. @antoviaque
Conference was super fun and I was glad to see so many people in person! I feel like we’ve done a good job communicating the documentation plan and now it’s time to execute on it. @feanil
the conference has been astonishing. Steffania from @abstract-technology
Nutmeg testing is an enriching activity. I even know more about the platform than before. @mgmdi
Nutmeg testing is moving quickly. Deprecations are moving faster than in the past, AND they are also better aligned now with the release schedule. @pdpinch
I met some working group participants at the Open edX conference @Ilaria_Botti
We’re making progress on how documentation will be structured and translated! @gabrieldamours
In the data wg we got on board great people from FUN who shared their point of view and strategies. @andres
I was able to dedicate a ton of time to Paragon :slight_smile: @ali_hugo
We got a bunch of filters merged thanks to Maria and Jillian @Felipe
Progress on testing Nutmeg @sambapete
Testing Nutmeg went well. A big thanks to everyone involved, thanks to them we’ve discovered important bugs and made good headway in resolving them and have even upgraded almost half of the outstanding Tutor plugins, which were done by Régis and Ghassan. @Dean
I managed to get the accounts MFE to a place where the SCSS is entirely without bootstrap/paragon variables without changing the way it looks. @xitij2000

Hours contributed

The total reported for the last sprint: 221 hours contributed .

The totals of the hours reported in the last seven sprints:

User Hours contributed
Adolfo Brandes 40
Ali Hugo 74.45
Andrés González 87
Braden MacDonald 32
Chintan Joshi 1
David Ormsbee 40
Dean Jay Mathew 30
Esteban Etcheverry 7
Feanil Patel 136
Felipe Montoya 52
Gabriel D’Amours 78.75
Ghassan Maslamani 30
Giovanni Cimolin 28
Igor Degtiarov 22
Ilaria Botti 1.5
JayRam Nai 4
Jhony Avella 11
Jillian Vogel 35
Juan Camilo Montoya 30
Kshitij Sobti 23
Kyle McCormick 30
Maria Grimaldi 48
Matjaz Gregoric 29
Nicole Kessler 2
Nizar Mahmoud 10
Omar Al-Ithawi 7.5
Peter Pinch 39
Pierre Mailhot 12
Piotr Surowiec 100
Sarina Canelake 101
Sofiane Bebert 20
Stefania Trabucchi 0
Usman Khalid 13
Xavier Antoviaque 80.15
Zia Fazal 54
Grand Total 1308.35


Similar to the previous sprint, this sprint both the conference and the nutmeg preparations remain one of the central points mentioned. All the raw details are at:

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Thank you for doing this recap of the checkins @Dean !

I’ll go through the list, ahead of discussing it during the contributors meetup.

Calls/offers for help

Upstreaming course - call for contributions / Sprint 2022 remote sprint

We need more contributing writers and proofreaders with actual experience contributing – our knowledge about this is something to share, it’s a really good way to communicate this to new contributors.

Missing permission

Looks closed now – thanks @BbrSofiane ! @pdpinch Would it make sense for you to get that missing permission for next time, by nominating yourself to get it assigned?

Tutor deployment at scale & Kubernetes - Collaboration

There is an ongoing discussion on this, on the following thread: Tech talk/demo: Deploying multiple Open edX instances onto a Kubernetes Cluster with Tutor – if we pull together around a common architecture & project to handle this, we can share the maintenance and help each other?


@arbrandes Any comment on this?

Improvements & blockers


@andres Which time and workforce are you talking about, yours? What could help you to obtain more of it to dedicate to the project?

Nutmeg - Need contributors for Tutor plugins!

This is a good way to help with a release ^

Btw, one additional way which would improve this would be to make the Tutor maintainer program compatible with or part of the core contributors & maintainers program of Open edX – this way the count of time spent on the Tutor maintainer program would be counting towards the Open edX Core contributor, and provide more time from the time budget pool dedicated to it by organizations to Open edX. There is an ongoing discussiong with @regis about applying OEP-55 to it on TEP: rethinking the Tutor maintainers program - #10 by antoviaque - Tutor Enhancement Proposals (TEPs) - Overhang.IO which would help with this.

@xitij2000 Has this been fixed? The repository being non-supported, this will likely happen more and more. Do we have plans to deprecate the branch builds?

Other improvements

And there were a few of the improvements from the checkins not included above, so adding it here:

Need to continue discussions from the conference

Our points converge about the need to not let go of those discussions from the conference, and make sure we do things as a community. I’ll bring this up for discussion during the contributor meetup later today. Do we need to schedule specific follow-up sync meetings? Which ones? What can we do async?

It would also be worth having more people posting their impressions, comments and hope in the public feedback thread – that could help sparkle some of the discussions. : ) Open edX Conference 2022 - Feedback Thread

Assigning issues

@pdpinch Sometimes it can help to ask specific people – maybe see in the list of core contributors who would have the right skills/experience to handle it, then maybe starting with the ones who have contributed less so far so have more contributions to plan for?

Working group communication

@ali_hugo Note that the sprint checkin can be a good way to do this – if you prepare the update on your progress, you can send it at the same time to the UX team? The UX team could also post updates there, if that helps you?

Data working group

Glad to hear! :slight_smile:

Although I have no experience contributing, I was really enjoying the proofreading and learning a lot! But I just haven’t found any time to proofread in the last few months. I am hoping to pick this up again when my time opens up.

Good idea; I’ll do this. :+1:

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Some additional notes from the discussions at the contributors meetup:

Missing permission

Since the tickets permissions are linked to the repository permissions, @pdpinch will request these permissions (potentially with other release group members also needing this).

Tutor deployment at scale & Kubernetes - Collaboration

@Felipe will post notes from the meeting in the thread, and schedule the next meeting there to discuss it.


@arbrandes and @djoy will discuss and @arbrandes will get back to @xitij2000 about this.

Also I have mentioned that @xitij2000 and @abstract-technology will reach out to @arbrandes to figure out a better time for the frontend working group meeting, to be able to join it and discuss topics like this.

Improvements & blockers

Nutmeg - Need contributors for Tutor plugins!

@Felipe will take one, and the topic will be brought up during the next working group meeting.

@xitij2000 Has this been fixed? The repository being non-supported, this will likely happen more and more. Do we have plans to deprecate the branch builds?


This particular issue was fixed, but another one cropped up which I think I’ve fixed here: [DRAFT] fix: Fix jasmine-jquery package format to avoid checking out over ssh by xitij2000 · Pull Request #30437 · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub

However, there is yet another issue that is breaking builds. I am investigating that, but might not have time in the current sprint, in which case I’ll create a ticket in the next one. Right now, this is the only way I see to deploy a demo build using Ocim,

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The demo is deployed now. I’ve also managed to clear my schedule for the FWG meetings at the existing time, and should be attending the one next week.

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