Course Material Approval Work Flow

We are looking to customize the ironwood release of openedx . We need to implement workflow like,

  • staff can add materials to a course.
  • The course admin has the right to approve the materials added by a teacher.
  • The students can able to view the materials only after the approval process.

Does such a flow currently exists or not? Course materials are handled in MongoDB. Is there a course and material mapping that exists in MySQL?

@Devi_Sithar Currently there isn’t a way to condition the publication of changes to a course content to the approval of an admin, no. You could probably get some of that functionality by using the content libraries feature, which allows you to make updates to a library content, which can then be reviewed and updated in a separate course by another person, but it won’t provide a way for the content library editor to suggest additions to the course, this would have to happen independently. Content libraries have no course structure, and don’t support all content types.

Note also that we are currently working on a v2 of Content Libraries for edX, based on blockstore (@arbrandes and @braden might be able to provide more details about whether this will help supporting your use case further, or not):

@antoviaque, Thank you for the quick response.

Hmm, good idea but I don’t think Content Libraries v2 provides anything that can be used to facilitate this sort of admin-controlled content release.

Yeah, as far as I know there’s no such feature planned.

Nevertheless, I think it would probably be easier to implement on blockstore-based courseware, indeed, once that comes about.

@Devi_Sithar There are no such feature and it will require customization.

@pankaj . Thank you so much.