My course is not showing "Complete the course" button


I have been struggling to complete my course. At the end of the course there is always a next button. Not able to see a “complete course button”.

Have tried setting waffle completion.enable_completion_tracking

Any help here would be appreciated here. I want my last unit not to have “Disabled Next” Button . Instead would like to have complete the course button. please see below screenshot

Hello @Vinay_Kumar , As far as I know, there isn’t a “complete course” button in Open edX platform – “completion” of a course involves completing all of the modules in a course.

Here’s some details about how different types of modules get marked completed: Learners having trouble with completion indicators - #2 by xitij2000

But if you think adding a “complete course” button would help with learner confusion, you could submit a PR to add it, or submit a feature request and find a provider to implement it for you.

Hi @Vinay_Kumar!
When you finish all the sections in your course, you will find the “Next” button. There is no way for a button indicating the status of “End Course” to appear or to finalize the course. However, at the end of the course (in the last component), you can create a button with raw HTML that generates the “End Course” button and redirects you to the progress page. This way, the student can see that they have completed the course, access their progress, and generate a certificate if necessary.

Thanks @CatalinaMoralesor. Let me try this.