Devstack Studio service renamed to CMS


Under the edx-platform ADR-13 discussion, it was decided to rename the studio service to cms and a devstack issue Replace all occurances of 'studio' with 'cms' · Issue #877 · openedx/devstack · GitHub was created for this change. This issue has finally been completed and the studio service has been renamed to cms in the devstack.


This will affect the existing studio related commands as they have been refactored to use cms instead e.g. make dev.up.studiomake dev.up.cms , make studio-shellmake cms-shell etc.

What to expect

These effects will take place once you’ve pulled latest master branch of devstack repo. Pulling latest changes shouldn’t affect the existing running containers since it is a code-only refactoring.
As for the needed changes, there shouldn’t be any apparent changes needed other than to use the updated commands from now on.


I’ve been waiting for years for that! Our prays now awarded :ghost: