Why are changes lost after make down?


I change platform_name in my lms.yml file but when restarting Open Edx changes are lost.
Same thing happens when i edit the cms.envs.json or the lms.envs.json files.

How should i make this changes so they are permanent?

I read something about a “server-vars” file…Does it have something to do with my problem?

@Xperez, how are you restarting the devstack? You mentioned make down in the title - note that make down will run docker-compose down, which is a destructive operation. Maybe try make stop to stop everything in the devstack, or finer-grained commands like make lms-restart to restart the lms development server only.

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Thanks a lot for your help, i didn´t know how destructive make down was, i´ll take your advice: not to use “make down” and to restart services using "make restart ".

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Just to clarify: devstack is for developers to use while modifying code. It isn’t meant for production use serving courses.

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: any advice on going from development to production?