Have you considered implementing content copy protection measures in our LMS (Open edX) to restrict users from copying content?

We need to restrict the Copying the Content from Open Edx.Is there Any options to Implent the content Copy Protection. Course Licensing Future is Also Not available in Tutor Version. Kindly Share the Steps If You guys Know about it.
Thanks In Advance!!

Generally Open edX doesn’t have any support for that.

You can use a third-party video hosting solution that provides the DRM features you need; for example you could host your videos on Brightcove and embed them into your courses using xblock-video.

For other content like text/images/PDFs, it’s not really possible to “protect” using a technological solution these days. Even if you disallow copying (which is a bad user experience), today people can just take a screenshot and copy the text from the screenshot as easily as from the original web page.

Generally though I would personally say that it’s not worth the time trying to implement a technological solution. If your course does get pirated, you can fairly easily get the pirated versions removed from Google so that people won’t find them. And you can focus on a business model that provides added value that can’t be pirated - your instructors, your TAs, coaching, peer discussions, certifications, etc.