Singular course not accessible via CMS, but can be accessed via LMS

Still have plenty to learn about openedx, but my employer is currently hosting an instance of openedx on an AWS EC2 container and we have experience a bug where course authors are not able to access a specific course in the CMS to edit it, but the course can still be accessed via the LMS. There do not appear to be any error logs in CloudWatch related to attempts to load the course in CMS. The course title is not listed in the list of courses in Studio and this error is given when attempting to use the course link to navigate directly to the course in studio: " The Studio servers encountered an error". If anyone has experienced something similar, thanks in advance!

When you see the message “The Studio servers encountered an error”, the actual error should be present in the Studio logs. If you can find the detailed error message, we might be able to help figure out what’s going on.

When searching logs relative to the specific course, it seems that the only logs specific to the course appear as follows; Sorry, as a new user I am unable to upload an image

Search Filter: [CGP10 ERROR -check -graded]

1a) Preceding error log: [2023-01-31T00:07:02.127-07:00] pymongo.errors.ServerSelectionTimeoutError: No replica set members match selector “Primary()”

1b) [2023-01-31T00:07:02.130-07:00] 1675148822130,“2023-01-31 07:07:02,006 ERROR 43 [django.request] [user 3] [ip] - Internal Server Error: /asset-v1:MYUx+CGP10+2021_T2+type@asset+block@images_course_image.jpg”,CGP-OpenEdx-EC2


2a) Preceding error log: [2023-01-31T16:49:57.366-07:00] TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable

2b) [2023-01-31T16:49:57.451-07:00] 1675208997451,“2023-01-31 23:49:57,374 ERROR 24 [django.request] [user 100700] [ip] - Internal Server Error: /xblock/block-v1:MYUx+CGP10+2021_T2+type@myu_image_dams+block@5122ddcd3eea4c13ae4366e076c012ce/handler/submit_studio_edits”,CGP-OpenEdx-EC2


3a) Preceding error log: [2023-01-31T16:50:02.356-07:00] TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable

3b) [2023-01-31T16:50:02.532-07:00] 1675209002532,“2023-01-31 23:50:02,442 ERROR 7 [django.request] [user 100700] [ip] - Internal Server Error: /container/block-v1:MYUx+CGP10+2021_T2+type@vertical+block@2b739ae5192f4d4e8e286402f9d3bbbe”,CGP-OpenEdx-EC2


4a) Preceding error log: [2023-01-31T16:50:02.695-07:00] TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable

4b) [2023-01-31T16:50:02.808-07:00] 1675209002808,“2023-01-31 23:50:02,704 ERROR 24 [django.request] [user 100700] [ip] - Internal Server Error: /xblock/block-v1:MYUx+CGP10+2021_T2+type@myu_image_dams+block@5122ddcd3eea4c13ae4366e076c012ce/studio_view”,CGP-OpenEdx-EC2


5a) Preceding error log: [2023-02-01T15:57:26.206-07:00] pymongo.errors.NetworkTimeout: timed out

5b) [2023-02-01T15:57:26.434-07:00] 1675292246434,“2023-02-01 22:57:26,274 ERROR 41 [django.request] [user 84598] [ip] - Internal Server Error: /courses/course-v1:MYUx+CGP10+2021_T2/xblock/block-v1:MYUx+CGP10+2021_T2+type@html+block@3c03d26b278e43dea1a7e9c5da6eb807/handler/publish_completion”,CGP-OpenEdx-EC2

Hmm, hard to say without seeing which file/line the TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable error is occurring on, but if this is only affecting one course, my guess is that there is a bug in the myu_image_dams XBlock (which sounds like something custom to your instance?), and it’s causing this.

But I see other errors as well:

  • pymongo.errors.ServerSelectionTimeoutError implies that there is an issue with Studio connecting to MongoDB. Perhaps the “write” connection in Studio is different than the “read” connection in the LMS or something like that. Is it only this one course though? Other courses are working fine?
  • Internal Server Error with html and vertical block - not sure without full traceback

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