GeoGebra and Open edX

Has anyone used GeoGebra with Open edX? How are you doing it?

I found this XBlock at but it simply something that adds a URL so you can access a GeoGebra ressource.

Unfortunately I am not able to have anything displayed in a course after it loads…

Any ideas? Thanks for any information.

I found a course that used GeoGebra on and looking at the page source it seemed to use iframes.

I tried it on my side and yes it works with iframes. I guess this is what we will recomment to our educators.

hi Pierre, that’s the Rice University Rover project on which i’ve been working this year. happy to talk more one-on-one about how we’re using it.

Hi Lawrence,

I must be doing something wrong because I cannot use any GeoGebra ressource through the XBlock I mentioned previously. But using iframes like I saw in the University of Edinburgh course on does work.

If you have a suggestion or workaround, I am all ears.

Have a nice day.