Hint and Show Answer buttons not visible until moused over

Hi all,

I have encountered an issue with the numerical input problems that I have on my OpenEdX course, specifically with the Hint and Show Answer buttons. They are not visible unless you mouse over them. I’ve combed over the code, but can’t seem to find what’s causing the issue the issue (see HTML code below).

Would appreciate any insight anyone could give!

> <problem>
>   <numericalresponse answer="100">
>     <label><b>In cell 3.32,</b> calculate what % of rows are affected. Enter the value you obtain below without the "%" symbol (for 95%, enter 95). <i>Use the hint below if you get stuck.</i></label>
>     <formulaequationinput/>
>     <correcthint>You should get 100%, which means that every row in the applicant_income_hmda_df as a loan_amount_000s value.
>     </correcthint>
>   </numericalresponse>
>   <demandhint>
>     <hint><code>loan_amount_hmda_data.shape[0]/len(applicant_income_hmda_data.index)</code></hint>
>   </demandhint>
> </problem>