How do I set more than two studio domains in siteconfiguration?

How do I set more than two studio domains in siteconfiguration ? .I have setting that for lms, but the exam studio does not. I have tried to follow the instructions but without success


In site configuration you can create configurations for multiple LMS domains, one domain corresponding to one site configuration.

I never tried to create multiple Studio domains in site configuration, just one Studio domain for all my LMS domains.

Hey @Cover_Kami,

From the look of it, your should be able to get the studio interface at studio.<lms_domain> so here for the example, you should be able to access studio at, can you try and see if you are able to login or get the page working on the URL.

Hope I am understanding your query. Let me know if you are still facing the issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer

I cannot authenticate users when viewing through my lms page is When I looked over it forced me to enter again

Can you login to and then visit and see if you can log in.

yes i can login but have to re-login