Multi LMS with 1 Studio ==> jumping to bug?

I am running Koa release with multi LMS site and 1 Studio (as far as I know we cannot have multi Studio as multi LMS site). The following scenario will make user confuse:

  • user is working in LMS site #1, go into his course, click ‘View in Studio’ ==> forwrad to Studio
  • user finishes course contents modification, then wat to back to LMS site. So, he clicks ‘View live’ ==> forward to another LMS site

The reason is, forwarding from Studio to LMS site is based on global Studio YML config file (parameter LMS_BASE). So, all LMS site have to share this parameter when forward from Studio to LMS.

My question is, how we can configure multi LMS with 1 Studio, that the uses can jump from LMS site to Studio, then back to his LMS site but not other LMS site?

Many thanks someone can help

@Hoang_PHAM_HUY, you can avoid this situation by adding LMS_BASE in your Site Configuration table for your #1 site.

Please check and this is not a bug.

Site Configuration Reference:

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