How to evict an incorrect YouTube video thumbnail from cache?

On a LilacTutor system, I created a video unit and inserted one of my videos. I then decided I didn’t like the YouTube thumbnail, so I went and changed it on YouTube and saved the change. I then went back to Open edX, and deleted the video, and re-inserted the video with the same URL. However the old thumbnail continued to show up. I believe this means it’s caching it based on the URL, instead of re-downloading the thumbnail from YouTube. How can I evict the incorrect thumbnail from the cache?

(P.s. I just accidentally did this again so I know it’s definitely reproducible.)

@Jimmy_Wu, could you please check the origin of this image? You can do this by navigating to the network tab in your browser and filtering requests by images. You can also try clearing your browser’s cache.

There is some code in Open edX related to retrieving the thumbnails, but it doesn’t seem to be used anywhere. Therefore, it could be YouTube CDNs that need some time to be refreshed.

It probably was the CDN. When I go back now, all the pages I listed as being incorrect seem to have the correct thumbnail. I went down the rabbit hole a ways trying ti find where exactly the image came from, but I just found a never-ended nesting of youtube player stuff.