I need urgent help! (call for developers)

Hello there,

first, thank you for opening my topic/appeal. I AM COMPLETELY LOST

I am a student and I have a very soon deadline to finish this system on the 2nd week of January, and I have a list of system requirements that I MUST DO (and I don’t know how or where from). I haven’t used or deployed Edx before and I am not a developer, my major is MIS (Management information systems) so I don’t have a really good experience in development and programming.

I’m in the development phase of Edx, I have installed open Edx on azure infrastructure using Bitnami and the system is successfully implemented on the server and it is up, but the problem is that I do not have any access to the admin back end, I have no control on the system.

Bitnami only gave me a normal user (as if I’m a learner) and I could not find any documentation or resources that explain the development and administration of the platform. I couldn’t even change the name of the platform, I tried but it did not work.

so the question now,

  • How can I change the platform name “Your Platform Name here” that appears on the home page?
    I tried this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50291065/how-to-change-my-openedx-platform-name
    but I did not find the .json file, the paths are little different in my server, I think it is because of using bitnami. I only change it in the common.py and it didn’t change in the website

  • how can I go on with development, where can I find the files on the server where I can start developing.

  • How do I upload content to the page?

  • how do I apply high availability for the system?

Here is a link of my platform

if anyone is interested to have more details of the system, or about the requirements that I have to do please do not hesitate to ask me.
I’d really really appreciate your help…

Hi @zal5awaja_edxc
OpenEdx Documentatation clearly covers all your queries to make changes to the platform.

If you still need assistance, I can help you out.

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