Coding CC Rights: Dave Ormsbee

Per the conversation here as well as OEP-54, I’m asking to formalize my involvement in the Open edX community via the Core Contributor program.

Who I am

My name is Dave Ormsbee (@dave on Slack, ormsbee on GitHub). I started working on what would become Open edX back in the MITx prototype days, a little over ten years ago. That group eventually became edX, which is where I worked until starting at tCRIL last November. Over the years, I’ve worked mostly on the server-side aspects of the teaching and learning areas of Open edX (LMS, Studio, ORA2, VAL, XBlock, Blockstore, etc.). I’ve also been involved in many architectural and performance related discussions, most recently in topics like our adoption of events and asynchronous messaging. I am currently focused on how to evolve our learning platform.

My Current Access and Why I Have It

I am currently an org admin for the openedx GitHub organization.

  1. I use these permissions while taking my turn on the tCRIL on-call rotation, where we handle both access concerns and GitHub apps and secrets management.
  2. I’ve use this access to help debug operational issues with various integrations and tools that we use as a part of the CI setup for the Open edX platform.
  3. I’ve recently also used this access as a part of the work to transfer ownership of various Open edX assets from edX@2U to tCRIL, and just yesterday to transfer the Hooks framework repos from the eduNEXT GitHub org to openedx.
  4. On top of my defined duties, I also use my access to help others get work done when there is not yet a well-defined process to accomplish some task or to help respond to urgent issues.

I also have “write” access to all repos in the organization:

  1. I have made and merged many features and fixes in a number of these repos over the years.
  2. I have used this access to update administrative data like OEP-2 compliance
  3. I plan on using this access as a part of work that I take on as a part of the Deprecation Working group which supports removal of code across the platform.

I’d like to retain both of these rights to continue to continue to support the platform. It is my long term ambition to reduce the number of repositories that I have write access to, as our community ownership model matures. For those repos that I am less familiar with (e.g. some of the frontend ones), my intention is to use my write access primarily for process/administrative updates.

Comment Period

The comment period will be through Tues, March 15.

Thank you for your consideration!


:+1:, of course

It is my long term ambition to reduce the number of repositories that I have write access to

An admiral goal! I’ll give you an extra :+1:

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You’re the glue that holds so much together @dave ! Thank you for all your hard work building, maintaining, and growing the platform and this community program.

:100: :+1: from me :slight_smile:

+1, it would be hard to count all the projects and topics on which you contribute @dave - it’s a privilege to have you in the community! :+1: from me.

Here’s my official +1! I second all the comments so far: we couldn’t be where we are without you, Dave!

It’s a :+1:t3: +1 for me!

Thank you so much for such brilliant contributions. And of course, for all the support! :tada:


I’ve found your answers in middle of the night and it has helped me in solving some rare issues.

:+1: for DaveO :slight_smile: and my post needs to have 20 caracters.

Thanks @dave, naturally I also support this with an official yes vote. Thanks for all the hard work all this time and the new work that will come.

Thanks for the input everyone! Dave is now a Core Contributor :tada:

You can find his name and access rights on the Core Contributor page.