Introduction - Harsh Parekh

Hey Everyone! My name is Harsh Parekh (he/him/his) and I work as a Software Engineer for internal tools for an EdTech company in US. I specialize in test automation with Ruby and Javascript based tools using CI/CD integration for fast feedback. Lately I have been focussed on building tools for improving developer experience on engineering teams.

In the past I’ve enjoyed working with open source communities like And I found that OpenEdX aligns strongly with my values and interest as well. Looking forward to engage more with the community, contribute to the mission and learn new things along the way. I’m particularly interested in BTR and DevX working groups, and also happy to help in whichever way I can.


Welcome to Open edX, @harshp !
Have you found enough information about how to get involved in the working groups you’re interested in?

Thank you @jill ! I started following some of the discussions on the forum, got the meetup calendar and requested github access. Feel like I’m at a good start. I also wanted to get access to the wiki pages and slack channels, and I hit a bit of hurdle based on the links here!

  1. The slack sign up page says I should reach out to a workspace admin, who would that be?
Don’t have an email address?
Contact the workspace administrator at Open edX for an invitation.
  1. How do I request access for the confluence using my personal email address?

Appreciate any help/guidance.

Excellent :slight_smile:

What do you need github access for? All the repos you need access to should be public?

Hmm… I’m not sure if the links on that page are current… But there are pages underneath it which are:

This page provides an “automatic invite” link: Slack Best Practices

I’m not sure what the process for this is, but most everything is public, so you should be able to read everything you need without any special access?

And if you plan on contributing code, I recommend reading How to Start Contributing Code, which is linked from the main edx-platform repo’s README notes.

I think I’m all set for now, Jill! Just started reading through code contributing page, and I don’t need access to github. Just read permissions to the wiki should be good as well.

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Hi @harshp and welcome!

Another resource is Intro to the Open edX Project & Contributing | Open edX Training Courses - you may be past a lot of the content already, but it may be worth looking through.

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