Juniper OSPR wishlist

Here’s a list of OSPRs that we’d love to get into Juniper. Note that these are not critical issues, but would save OpenCraft from maintaining code drift in our release branch.

These OSPRs fix bugs/warnings:

And these add features:

We don’t have a PR for it yet, but there will be an update to the SGA xBlock to fix a python3 bug.

@jill can you please add to the list?

Sure thing @regis , done.

And this one as well please!

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It looks like the Python3 upgrade for SGA wasn’t complete or correct. I’m not sure yet how long this may take.

@nedbat @regis That’s a topic we didn’t discuss during the last release upgrade meeting - will we be able to include any of these in the Juniper release?

@antoviaque goodppoint! I think we must, yes.

I merged a few of these, and tagged the rest so they would appear on the new Juniper issues board.

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@jill it’s think we sort these PRs so that we can better see which ones are already merged and who is blocking the merging of the other ones:



Waiting for review by @mulby.

Waiting for review from @marcotuts.

Merged or rejected, we can close.

Waiting from feedback from @giovannicimolin


Waiting for review from @marcotuts.


Waiting for @nberdnikov to assign a reviewer.

Waiting for feedback from @fredsmith.

If you have been tagged in this post, it means that your input is expected on a PR that is blocking the Juniper release. If you are not available during the coming days, please assign the task to someone else. Thank you!


Thank you for merging so many OSPRs @nedbat! I started pinging you on individual merged PRs to make sure they get included in the Juniper release branch… but then figured that would be noisy and annoying. How would you like us to do this?

I’m not sure the best way to raise the visibility of the pull request. We should really be closing down the Juniper release soon. If you mention Juniper in the pull request, I will try to take a look at them.

Thank you @nedbat! We’ll do that.

I also saw your message on configuration#5691, that since edX haven’t cut the juniper.master branch yet, anything merged to master prior to that cut will be in Juniper. Good to know!

We’ve fixed the python3 bugs in SGA and the new version was merged into master’s requirements on 5/19. So this should not longer be a blocker for Juniper.