Learning-based two-way engagement tool (not sure I'm in the right place...)

Hi great innovative educator - business and indie alike :wink:

I wish to hear opinions from the community following a chat I had with one of the managers in edX.

I’ve created a tool which brings learns to learn without a need to change their (busy) schedules nor fighting their self discipline (issues).

What did I do? I created a machine which takes exercises (of any topic - maths, languages, you-name-it) and weaves one by one into the learner’s Digital Routine.
It means that the learner is engaging with exercises while chatting (eg Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.) or scrolling his/her social feed (eg Instagram etc.) or other digital channels/experiences he/she has throughout the day.

Lerners simply practice dozens times a day without any sweat.

Do you think that this tool (goes by the name Dynamo10x - www.dynamo10x.com) could be beneficial for the people of the community and their learners??

In case you wish to chat with me directly I’m here nim@dynamo.fyi

Thanks in advance for ANY input!