Lilac: high time for an RC?

Hi folks,

I’ve spent some time this week testing lilac.master via the native installation, and while I couldn’t find any showstoppers on the basic features (including the Account MFE! Thanks, @jhony_avella!), we’re still missing proper support for the Payment and Ecommerce MFEs.

Which is to say, thanks to @Maksim_Sokolskiy’s work (thanks!), the PR is there and I can confirm it works after backporting it to lilac.master… but it is not in as plug-and-play a state as, for instance, the Account MFE. Which is to say, following the native installation steps does not get one a working ecommerce installation, even though backend and MFEs are correctly deployed.

This is no worse than Koa or previous releases. We’ve always had to go the extra mile to get ecommerce properly configured. But this brings me to the titular question of this post:

What should go into the Lilac RC?

As I see it, we have a few options:

  1. Release it immediately…
    a. … without ecommerce/payment MFE support at all.
    b. … with @Maksim_Sokolskiy’s changes, even if they don’t make it into master.


  1. Wait for:
    a. The PR to be merged to master and backported to Lilac
    b. A second PR that either adds documentation on how to enable a minimally testable payment/ecommerce or makes it so the user gets them with minimal effort

Thoughts? I’m of the opinion that we should go with 1.b, and make an RC on Monday with that PR, merged to master or not. This will give prospective testers the full featureset to test, even if not in a final state. Feel free to disagree, though. :slight_smile:

I agree with option 1b, for two reasons.

First, I’d like to see the RC go out as soon as possible.

Second, having it go out and be tested should accelerate the merge of Maksim’s PR.

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Yes, release now! for the same reasons given by @pdpinch.

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In all fairness, I also agree with option 1b.

Even if it means that I won’t be able to test or use the Payment MFE as is for the near future because the payment processor we use isn’t supported.

Which also means that I cannot upgrade to Lilac as is when it is released. It might also stop me from testing Maple if a solution isn’t found by then.

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+1 for Option 1b, let’s get an RC out!

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Voting for 1b.

And for the next step to analyze and improve the ecommerce as an out of the box working service.

P.S. PR to lilac.master is up to date with master PR

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