New Axim Team to Help with Maintenance and Improvements

Hey Everyone,

In order to help with existing maintenance and to be able to take on more repositories in the next phase of the maintainership pilot, Axim will be hiring 3 contractors that can help with the existing and future maintenance of any repositorys that Axim maintains.

The new team will be called the Aximprovements Team. In order to do a lot of the maintenance work they need to accomplish, they will need access to repositories on day 1 to be able to merge maintenance PRs. This is outside the CC program and will only be relevant to repos that Axim maintains through the maintainership program. However, since this is a bit abnormal, I wanted to keep everyone informed about the happenings.

More info about the team and their work can be found here: Aximprovements Engineering Team - Open edX Community - Open edX Community Wiki

We’ll update that as we have more info.


@feanil I had missed this before, sorry for the late comment on this.

Is there something preventing us from having new hires go through the same process as the rest of the community, for becoming CC/maintainers? They can still contribute before getting the privilege, they would just need reviews from existing CCs/maintainers, which seem like a good idea for someone who is starting, in any case. I know currently edX/2U employees are also on a special case about this, but imho it would be better to show that the proper way is for everyone to earn that privilege, regardless of where one is employed.

Hey Xavier,

Part of the reason for this variance is because there were repos where we wanted them to take over maintenance immediately. Much of that maintenance was being able to press the Merge button on automated PRs which they would not be able to do without the requisite write access.

That said, we only gave them access to the repositories that had Axim maintainers and not on all repositories. They’ve been working off of forks for anything other than the repos explicitly maintained by the Axim engineering team.

My plan is to nominate them all for CC access once we’ve got enough examples of their work for the community to be able to judge them accurately (:crossed_fingers: hopefully soon.)

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