Maintainers Requirements Update

In order to accelerate finding new maintainers for existing repos, we are temporarily making a change to the requirements you need to fulfill to become the maintainer of a repository. Until further notice, for repos where the maintainers working group is seeking a new maintainer:

  • You do not need to be a CC on the repo that you are seeking the maintainer role on.

    • You can volunteer if you are a CC on other repos within the Open edX ecosystem within the same part of the stack. eg. If you’re a python CC on a different repo, you can see to be the maintainer of a python library but not a frontend library.
    • If you are accepted as the maintainer of a repo, you will also become a CC for that repo and we can make a single post to allow you both kinds of access.
  • If we are having difficulties finding existing CCs that can take on maintainership, we will consider new CCs from organizations that already have entity agreements with Axim.

Note, that for the addition of new CCs, this does NOT bypass the current Commitment, Conduct and Caliber requirements. The new engineer will still need to show all three and will go through the regular CC voting process but since the contributions can be on any open edx code (including forks), it will hopefully make it easier to apply.