Coding CC Rights Expansion: Cristhian Andrés García

Following the procedure outlined in OEP-54 , I nominate to extend @Ian2012 commit rights to include the aspects-dbt repository.


I’ve been a top contributor to the Aspects analytics work, and this repo is a cornerstone of that project!

Prior work

I’ve authored over 83 commits to the openedx org in July alone. You can see more in the initial CC thread here: Core Contributor Nomination: Cristhian García - #7 by mgmdi and his expansion for event-routing-backends

Please provide any feedback on this change by 2023-09-07. It is a limited scope change and a short review period.


I heartily approve, in addition to speeding up Cristhian’s high quality work this will also remove me as a single point of failure on the repo. :slight_smile:

I’ve witnessed firsthand all the hard work Cristhian has put into Aspects these past few weeks, so of course it’s a +1 on my part!

Definitely yes to this vote. The work done by Cristhian in aspects continues to be great.

This is the second expansion and it makes me think if we are at the point where it is useful to define the list of repos that being core contributor to aspect grants access to. During the first nomination some repos were selected at hand and now I think there are new repos created and we understand better what the list should be.

In fact, @BrianMesick wants to update the committers-analytics team to grant writing to all the repos we care about. GitHub Team Structure - Open edX Community - Open edX Community Wiki

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Missed this initially, but :+1: from me. @Ian2012 's contributions in the analytics domain have been fantastic.

Absolutely :+1: !