Core Contributor Nomination: Christofer Chavez

I’d like to nominate @ChrisChV as a new core contributor with merge rights to the following repositories:

Christofer has been with OpenCraft since 2021, starting on the LabXchange project which, at that time, ran openedx as a backend. He transitioned to the Axim-funded Modular Learning project in mid-2023, focusing specifically on the Tagging feature.


Some highlights include:

Conduct and Caliber

Christofer is a much-valued member of my team and a joy to work with. He demonstrates a commitment to code quality and continuous improvement of his skills, and his communications are meticulous, kind and considerate.


As a member of OpenCraft, Christofer will commit 20 hours / month to the CC program.

Comment Period

For this nomination to pass, Christofer needs 5 positive votes and no unaddressed objections by June 20, 2023 (2 weeks).


:+1: from me! All PRs I’ve seen from him over the years were high-quality and well thought.

:+1: from me too!

+1: from me too! :raised_hands: :+1:

@ChrisChV Great to see you taking on core contributor roles - definitely :+1: to this!

:+1: from me!

I haven’t worked with @ChrisChV in the past but his contributions seem top quality. Now, I’m wondering if we have the capacity to limit edx-platform CC merge rights to specific parts of the code.

I’ve looked into it and short answer, no. There is a lot of trust in granting edx-platform merge access: we trust that people will stay in their lane and only merge in areas they’re really an expert in.

And even though it’s not enforceable, I like these categories from a contributor perspective – it really helps to know which platform CCs to ask for advice on a topic, or ping for reviews. 2¢

:+1: from me as well! Christofer is a strong candidate for the CC program.

With 6 (or 7?) :+1: and no objections, I declare this nomination successful!

Congratulations @ChrisChV :smile: Please start your CC onboarding when you’re ready.

Thank you all for your kind words and for trusting me :raised_hands: :rocket: