Seeking a 3rd Community Contributions Project Manager!

Hi all! For a while now, @itsjeyd and myself have been Community Contributions Project Managers, triaging community contributions on the Contributions board, and we’re looking for someone that might be able to help us temporarily.

Additional Context
@itsjeyd and I have been seeing the community pull requests through the entire process - triaging when they first come in, assigning reviewers, helping to get things unstuck, etc. Currently, the Maintenance Working Group is working on assigning official maintainers for existing repos that aren’t maintained. As maintainers are confirmed, we expect that the current triage process will change into something less process-intensive since the maintainer(s) will be responsible for addressing their respective pull requests in a timely manner, and we would just be helping to keep things rolling.

In addition, while the Maintenance WG is busy getting maintainers for repos, we’re also working on honing maintainer and contributor documentation which takes up a bit of time. A third person helping us triage for a bit while things get ironed out would be a big help.

There are resources below for more detail on what @itsjeyd and I do. It’s pretty straightforward, and I would onboard whoever is able to help. If you’re interested, or have questions, please let me know!


@Michelle_Philbrick Hi, I’m interested in helping out with managing the Community Contributions. Please get in touch. Thanks

Hi @Daniel_Kuria1! Thanks for responding! I am headed out of the office for a couple days, but will reach out next week to coordinate.

Hi Michelle,

Looking forward to speaking with you. Let me know when you are available to chat and I’ll plan accordingly.


Hi Daniel! Thanks for your patience! Are you able to connect next week?

Please let me know what time zone you’re in and I can look at some possible times.

Hi Michelle,

I’m on East African time but I usually work on US Eastern time. Let me know what are the available times and I’ll plan around it.

Thank you1!

Hi @Daniel_Kuria1! I reached out to you on Slack to coordinate.

hi @Michelle_Philbrick I would like to know more, can we get in touch about it as well?

Hi everyone!
I would like to be a part of this process from RG

@Natalia_Vynogradenko sent an invite for tomorrow meet, thanks.

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